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2017 Georgia

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In June 2017 we visited Georgia for two weeks. A country with a very old history, dating back thousands of years BC, and at that time already with an impressing civilisation. Also a country with an old, unique language and writing and very probably the area where wine making was invented. We can assure you, they still make very good wine. It's a green country with hills and lots of mountains. On the north side you find the Great Caucasus with beautiful white peaks. Shattered all over the country, and mostly on gorgeous spots, are the many old churches and monasteries. In the very north west of the country, Svaneti area, you find villages with many old towers attached to the farms to defend themselves in the old times (and that was not a very long time ago). A beautifull and photogenic valley! This is also an area where many hikes can be made. All together it was an unforgettable trip for us, and we definitely hope to visit again and to meet our friend there!

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