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2013 North Korea

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September 2013 we visited North Korea for two weeks. It was quite a different experience compared to other countries, unreal, fascinating, disturbing and sad. The whole trip was completely planned by  KITC (North Korean state travel agency). There was no possibility to do other things. And the activities were always in the presence of the two guides. We were not allowed to walk around freely. We could see a lot of the country, but it was not allowed to make pictures everywhere, it was quite restricted. The two guides gave us a lot of information, but of course this was only state approved information. And quite often their view on history is quite different compared to what is general accepted in the outer world. On September 9, National Independence Day, we visited the Arirang Mass Gymnastic festival in the huge May Day Stadium. It was overwhelming, like a kind of openings ceremony of the Olympic games. We uploaded a 7 min. movie on YouTube: Arirang movie

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